Angry Leo announces a Serious Turn with “Miami Zombie”

MZ headline

While comedies have been a blast, we’ve all decided to dig deeper with filmmaking, to make something we’re passionate about, something with heart and meaning.  Remember the horrifying story about the man who was eating at the face of a homeless man on a Miami causeway about two years ago?  That infamous “Miami Zombie ” is Rudy Eugene, and we’re completely fascinated with him, his life, and the mystery of his demons.  Our next feature film is inspired by his true story that reached all major news outlets and spread like wildfire through social media.  This gritty drama is an intimate, character driven piece, filled with hope, survival and empathy as we follow the struggles of a young man who ultimately shocked the world with his violent actions, and leading the issue of the drug “bath salts” into U.S. Congressional spotlight.

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