Screen Media Films to Distribute ‘Casting Couch’ Worldwide

Amazing news!  Angry Leo and Screen Media Films have come to terms on a deal that will make ‘Casting Couch’ available worldwide on March 12, 2013!  ’Casting Couch‘ was quite the commodity when it hit the market with offers from several distributors within just a few weeks.  However, Screen Media Films, who has distributed 36 movies in the past two years (that’s right…36) was the clear choice.  Some of their past films includes actors such as Olivia Wilde, Tracy Morgan, John Cho, Sean Astin, Kevin Nealon, Matthew Lillard and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
‘Casting Couch’ will first become available at all major digital outlets including Amazon, iTunes, VOD, and more.  We will keep you updated on when and where you can get your hands on it!
We are so pumped!  But not as much as this kid who got a Wii for Christmas.  He screamed, then immediately started crying, and finally threw up.  Haha.  Check it out!